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I believe the best way to start any realtionship, business or personal, is with a simple introduction. Please begin by signing up for a complementary Get to Know You Call so I can properly introduce myself, learn about your situation and see how I maybe able to help. If we decide to work together, I will probably suggest you look into one of the following three options:

The Smartstart System is for students, new practitioners or indiviuals looking to start private practices  or a healing arts business in the next year.

The Practicemasters Program is for CAM practitioner or healing based business owners who are looking to attract more client, make more money and create systems in their practice so their energy, money and time can be better prioritized.

Private Coaching is for anyone who are looking for a laser focused sixty minutes with their coach to plan special projects, get personalized advice or work through a particular challenge.



Workshop Title Start Date Regular Price Student Price
FREE Get to Know You Call 11/30/-0001 $0.00 $0.00
Smartstart System Coaching 06/15/2004 $450.00 $450.00
Practicemasters Program Coaching 09/09/2014 $550.00 $0.00
Private Coaching 11/30/-0001 $95.00 $75.00


"I am a student in a healing degree program, a dreamer and a future busines owner. I need step by step guidance on how to start my practice and attract lots of clients so my confidence will grow and I will succeed quickly!"

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"I am a licensed and practicing CAM practitioner. I have a small practice but want to be making a bigger difference so I need help attracting more clients, managing my practice as it grows and learning how to better teach my future clients about the benefits of what I do; so I can maximize my time, make more money and share my highly trained skills with my community in a meaningful way."

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